Hello! My name is Lux and I'm a professional pixel artist from North Carolina, USA.

If I sent you this after contacting me then you probably asked one of the questions below, or didn't include sufficient details about your project.

  • Where can I see your portfolio?
    Right here: https://imgur.com/a/uD2I1

  • Do you do commissions/are you available for hire?
    My availability varies, but if you are reading this I'm probably available. Please contact me with more information about your project so I can give you an estimate and gauge my interest.

  • What would X cost? How long does it take you to make X?
    I am happy to give you an estimate on anything; please provide me with sufficient information about your project for this to be feasible. Relevant information includes but is not limited to: scope of project (quantity of sprites,) general size of sprites, desired style, visual references, and projected timeline.

  • What are your rates?
    Rates vary on a per project basis. Bear in mind that I am a professional pixel artist—if you're looking for $5 sprites your princess is in another castle.

  • How does payment work?
    For smaller projects, I will give you a quote and ask for full payment up front. For larger gigs, milestone payments are typical, but I may charge hourly for open-ended projects. I accept payment through Paypal, wire transfer, or check, and I ask that the client cover any fees incurred by their method of choice.

  • Do you charge for revisions?
    I want to work with you to be sure you are happy with the final product; in most situations I will charge hourly for revisions.

  • Will you work for revshare?
    Probably not. I will consider revshare as supplementary compensation on a case-by-case basis. (Supplementary pizza and beer are also appreciated!)

  • I would like to hire you in the future, but at the moment I am not prepared to proceed. Can you start on my project in X amount of time?
    I cannot guarantee future availability but I try to be accommodating. It is best for the client to be ready (or nearly ready) to begin the project before contacting me, unless they are willing to reserve my time in advance with an initial deposit.

  • Will you do an art test before I offer you the position on this project?
    I am willing to do a paid art sample (charged hourly) before beginning the job if necessary.

  • Can you hop on a call so we can discuss my project?
    As a general rule, I do not do calls. Email is my preferred method of communication. Exceptions may be made for exceptional clients.

  • Will you join my Discord/Slack/etc. for the project?
    Real-time chat can sometimes be useful to discuss and get quick answers about more complex and long-term projects. However, I am busy working and cannot promise how often I will be hanging out in chat.

  • How can I contact you through email?